The Volt Vantage Network and How it Benefits Small Business Owners

At Volt Payments, we want to help small business owners succeed.

And while we offer business owners the ability to sell their own gift cards, setup a loyalty program, accept checks, and even offer a cash advance for merchants to use on their place of business, we wanted to offer our customers even more.

This is where our Merchant Advantage Program(Volt Vantage Network) comes in.

We wanted to offer merchants the next step in merchant services, and at Volt Payments we understand that the industry is changing. No longer is it simply about selling gift cards, but it’s about being able to help merchants succeed in more than one way.

With that in mind, our first step was finding the best place for business owners to get massive discounts. That’s where our partnership with America’s Best Companies started.

ABC is clearly the top company when it comes to offering business owners 1000’s of discounts in one convenient location.

The discounts themselves are also very important, because they apply to products and services business owners use everyday. It can save someone hundreds each month, and that’s only part of the benefits of our Merchant Advantage Program.

Along with the discounts, business owners also get a free listing from EZLocal, along with useful information from ABC partners. There’s even the option to upgrade your EZLocal listing, giving you even more presence on search engines.

The merchant service industry is always evolving and Volt remains at the forefront. Make sure to contact us today to find out more about our Merchant Advantage Program and see how we can help you improve your business.-