Check Acceptance

Personal checks account for over half of all expenditures nationwide. Don’t exclude customers who choose to pay this way because of a possible bad or fraudulent check! Volt Payments makes accepting checks not only easy, but 100% safe as well.

  • 100% Check guarantee
  • Full coverage of any returned check
  • No more trips to the bank to deposit checks
  • Fully compatible with POS terminals
  • Electronic payment deposit

At Volt, we electronically take your customer’s check and turn it into an electronic payment that’s deposited right into your merchant account without any trips to the bank! Just swipe the check and give it back to the customer as their instant receipt. Works just like a credit card. It’s that simple.  And Volt offers a diverse line of check readers allow you to get instant authentication and verification

Accept Checks Completely Risk Free

100% Guaranteed

Swipe checks into a reader connected to your terminal. You’ll know right away if a check is good.

Never a Bounced Check

No lost revenue, no lost product, no trips to the bank, no check handling time, no bank deposit fees.

Accept Checks From All 50 States


Funds are deposited into your account automatically as if it were a credit or debit card.