The advantages of AcceptPro Vs. Square

If you’re a business owner, chances are you know exactly what Square is.

For those who don’t Square is a mobile card reader that has taken card processing by storm. It allows you to accept credit cards right on your smart phone or tablet, all while paying a 2.75% rate for each swipe.

And while Square has arguably changed credit card processing, it has also taken some steps backwards. One big step, is the lack of support available for merchants.

A quick search of Twitter usually yields many frustrated merchants venting toward Square’s Twitter handle(one of the main ways to contact the company) with questions about their money or accounts.

They also don’t offer much outside of a swiper.

How is a business supposed to grow? What if you want to sell gift cards, or if you need a cash advance in case of an emergency? Square simply doesn’t offer these things.

This is where the advantages of AcceptPro take over. While Square is more widely known, the company isn’t a full fledged merchant services company.

So in the begining, you might start off as a small merchant, but by signing up for AcceptPro, we can help you grow when the time is right. You’ll be able to sell gift cards, setup a loyalty program, accept checks, and even have access to cash advances in case of an emergency, or if you wanted to expand your store.

Mobile swipers are a great tool, but should remain just that. They need to help a business grow, not be the only thing a business is focused around.

With Square, merchants are limited by the mobile swiper.

With AcceptPro, merchants are free to grow as big as they want.